Energy Source, lithium batteries

We are the first company in the world to offer a complete repair, reuse and recycling solution for lithium batteries.

Reuse and recycling of lithium batteries

We transform your battery disposal into new products

We purchase your discarded lithium-ion batteries in their first cycle of use, transforming the environmental liabilities of these wastes into new products.

Energy Source, mischaracterization

Energy Source, specialist in Decharacterization; Reverse Logistics, product redesign and final destination for the different types of lithium batteries.


Repair, Reuse and Recycling

Energy Source invests in innovative solutions, running customized processes with proprietary technology, ensuring excellence in the recycling and reuse of lithium-ion batteries, in order to recover the metals contained in these products.

Customized solutions for sustainability
Recycling de baterias de lítio


By exploring emerging strategies, Energy Source excels in the management of lithium-ion battery recycling technology for the sustainability of the circular economy.

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Reuse of lithium batteries


Energy Source has merged technology with sustainability and created a unique second-life lithium battery reuse process.

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energy solutions
Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Due to the infinity of application possibilities of lithium batteries, our partners can count on our area of ​​development of customized energy solutions.

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Lithium battery repair
Battery Repair

Batteries Repair

Energy Source is a company that prioritizes the care and preservation of the environment, therefore, it is in constant innovation, seeking solutions that meet the present and benefit the future.

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De-characterization and Traceability

A Energy Source offers partners a complete de-characterization process, ensuring confidentiality of information and technologies.

All batteries destined for the reuse process receive a QR code with a unique serial number, which allows complete traceability during the second cycle of use of the product.

Rastreabilidade - Traceability - All batteries receive a QR, with a unique serial.

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The Future is

and we know that!

Our Partners


The partnership between Energy Source and Renault enables the development of new businesses and technologies for the Electric Vehicle ecosystem. We have established a way of working with a lot of confidence, accelerated dynamics and the teams are engaged for the challenging future.

Adriano Castro, Sustainable Mobility Manager, Renault

Energy Source plays a fundamental role in the regional economy, and in national and international technological innovation. The development of sustainable technologies through research and science is another differential of this company. Congratulations on the excellent work and thanks for the partnership.

José Augusto, Professor of Engineering, UNESP and CAST
Why discard with us?

With maximum efficiency and following all the necessary legislation, we collect this waste to be used in the manufacture of new batteries or destined for recycling and correct disposal, always prioritizing the well-being of people and the environment.

Lithium battery purchase
You don´t pay to discard

We turn your liability into an asset, offering a no-cost solution with possible monetization* for every kilo of lithium batteries discarded with us.

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Traceability, security
Traceability, security and brand protection

Processes certified and approved by government and environmental agencies, exempting your company after delivery of the material.

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Reverse logistic
Exclusive logistics and transport support

You receive guidance and full support from our team throughout the entire process, including transportation at our expense.

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You help the environment

Descarte Verde Energy Source is a sustainable initiative with an emission-free process.

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* Payment for discarded lithium batteries and their transport is carried out by analyzing the material by the Energy Source team.


Who trusts Energy Source

With innovative and patented technology, we have sustainable and effective solutions for lithium batteries, receiving support from great market leaders.

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