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December 02th, 2022

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Environment Quality Secretary, André França, and Energy Source CEO, David Noronha.

Secretary of Environment Quality, André França, and the recycling of lithium batteries in Brazil.

The Secretary of Environment Quality, André França, was in São João da Boa Vista, to show a little more about the actions of Energy Source in the advancement of the National Program of Reverse Logistics, where he talked with the CEO of Energy Source, David Noronha.

During the conversation, David told a little about the beginning of the history of the start-up and its progress in the solution of sustainability based on the 3R's, Reuse, Repair and Recycling, being the first in the world to offer this solution of sustainability to the industry.

In its production, about 500 tons of batteries have already been recycled using Brazilian technology, incorporating their materials back into the production cycle, in order to avoid damage to the environment, contribute to the electrification process in the country, and strengthen the progress of the National Reverse Logistics Program.

Watch the video and check it out: Click here!

Energy Source: A sustainable initiative for a better future!

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