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April 22th, 2022

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Energy Source presents its Battery Repair division

Energy Source presents its Battery Repair division

Energy Source is a company that prioritizes the care and preservation of the environment, therefore, it is in constant innovation, seeking solutions that meet the present and benefit the future.

The Repair Services Division is part of this project and came to revolutionize the electric mobility market, being a great and desired step for the company. The sector will carry out repairs to electric and hybrid vehicle batteries, and as part of the circularity process, reuse and recycle non-repairable lithium batteries.

The process begins with the arrival of vehicular batteries, that is, traction batteries. These batteries will undergo precise tests and then, separated, those that are not subject to repair (stationary), can be used in new applications or will be sent for recycling. Those that present the possibility of reuse, go through the division and return to their usefulness.

The Energy will have a lot of news in the future, but this marks a new stage within the circular economy, completely closing the loop of a great global pain that is the battery of electric vehicles.” says David Noronha, Co-Founder and CEO of Energy Source.

See how it went through the video:

This project comes from a partnership signed with engineer Ademar Guiotoku, who, with over 30 years of experience in the automotive sector and excellent work carried out within Toyota, came to add to his vision and expertise in repair services, taking care of all details of lithium battery repair operation.

We will have more and more electric and hybrid cars in the Brazilian and world market, but what to do with the batteries after 10 or 15 years of use? It needs to have a correct destination and, in addition, before we recycle, we provide the repair and second life of these batteries.” comments Ademar on the importance of the work that begins.

The company is already planning its next phase, thinking about the reform of batteries, which could be reconditioned and put back on the market, progressively contributing to sustainable development and a greener future.

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