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About Us

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Our history

With the aim of solving a growing global problem in the environmental field and in the energy segment, Energy was founded in 2016 in the city of São João da Boa Vista, in the interior of São Paulo.

Through second-life, the company has aimed at the national and international diffusion of lithium batteries from the beginning, contributing to the energy matrix transition happening all over the world.

Thus, the company started with a lean operation, in the garage of Peter Mattisen's house, one of the company's founders, and with innovative technologies and solutions, sustainable initiatives and the daily dedication of employees, Energy today has more than 3,000 square meters in facilities, located in the Industrial District of São João da Boa Vista.

Disruptive Innovation

We are the first company in the world to offer a complete solution for lithium batteries.

Energy Source video with David Noronha Veja


Innovate Scale-up

Energy Source is a Scale-up known for its profile focused on innovation, circular economy, and unprecedented technology development in the clean and renewable energy segment.

Innovation and technology for the environment are in our DNA, working together with major universities and research centers across the country. Countless researchers and solutions to help create a more sustainable future.

Through our innovative solutions aligned with sustainable initiatives, we have achieved great partnerships and projects with the support of market leaders in Brazil and worldwide. Energy Source is a global case in point in sustainable technology.


Universities and Centers
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Instituto Federal

Energy Source

Mission, Vision and Values

Energy Source's premise is sustainability in favor of world technological development, valuing green solutions: Reducing; repairing; Reusing and Recycling Lithium Batteries.


Develop and disseminate to the Brazilian and global market revolutionary solutions for the generation and storage of clean and renewable energy.


To become a global reference in sustainable technologies that promote the circular economy and the storage of clean and renewable energy.


Honesty, quality, punctuality, high performance, results, commitment to the environment and above all to human beings.



Golden Rules

Golden Rules of Energy Source

What makes us the “Energy Source family” are our VALUES that underpin and sustain our CULTURE.

These are rooted in our DNA and clearly expressed in our story, told with great simplicity and perseverance, with a common purpose of developing and disseminating eco-friendly solutions aimed at the storage and generation of clean and renewable energy for the global market.

Thus, the Energy Source golden rules were born.

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