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October 24th, 2022

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Electric Cars

Is the electric car viable and sustainable?

Yes, the electric car is economically feasible, one of the factors that prove this is the mobility expense, since, taking the electric Kwid as a reference, the value would be R$ 00.06 per km/h, while a gasoline-powered combustion vehicle charges on average R$ 00.45 per km/h or more.

Another important point is about the lithium battery used in these cars, considered one of the main means to achieve the change in the energy matrix, where the goal is to abandon the burning of fossil fuels and use electric energy as the protagonist, and can also be applied as a storage source.

In addition, we at Energy Source have brought a solution for the repair and sustainable disposal of these batteries, where we return these products to the market for reuse and their materials are reintroduced throughout the production chain.

So, have no doubt, electric cars are viable and advantageous, both to the environment and to the global economy!

Energy Source: A sustainable initiative for a better future!

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