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June 22th,2022

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Zoe e Renault

Energy Source tests with revolutionary charger

A few days ago we carried out several tests with a 100% electric vehicle from Renault, the Zoe, for a super novelty developed by our team of experts.

iCarport, a Hybrid Charging Station for electric vehicles for charging with clean energy, completely independent from the electricity grid. We used lithium batteries that would be discarded, through a proprietary algorithm, we selected the modules that could be reused to create the Carport.

To understand more about the capabilities of this Charging Station, we carried out exhaustive tests and its advantages are clear: low cost for the installation of charging stations, charging multiple cars simultaneously without overloading the grid, excess energy generated by solar panels is returned to the distribution network as a form of energy credit.

This Hybrid Charging Station is a big step forward for electric vehicle technology. So follow our social media and stay on top of this and other news!

Energy Source: A sustainable initiative for a better future!

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