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August 04th, 2021

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UNIFAE partners with Energy Source

UNIFAE closes partnership with Energy Source.

Through the “INOVA” program, which promotes the development of an innovation and technology hub within the University, the UNIFAE closed a partnership with Energy Source, a company from São João that is standig out worldwide with the development of sustainable practices of storage and generation of renewable energy.

The agreement was signed on Friday afternoon (23), after a meeting between the Dean of the University Center and representatives of the Company. Energy Source's CEO, David Noronha, commented on the realization of the partnership.

Energy is a multiplier of knowledge, so we look for good partners for the development and exchange of technology. We are part of an ecosystem of total innovation, so I believe that UNIFAE is an ideal partnership. We've had a good experience with her, because universities generally have a different pace than the industry, but she positively surprised us, with a huge sense of urgency to make the partnership work.

"The company is the first in Latin America to produce lithium stationary batteries for solar energy. For this, it uses an exclusive technology that allows the reuse of discarded batteries, in addition to being the first in the world to have a complete closed-cycle solution for batteries (involving reuse and recycling).“We are transforming one of the largest global and environmental problems into a solution to fuel the circular economy, and that's amazing”, says David.

With the partnership, UNIFAE students will have the opportunity to participate in applied research projects, with the development of new technologies and the absorption of knowledge used only in large centers.

We want to provide the best opportunities for students, so we relentlessly seek projects that put them in touch with what is most modern.

Says the Rector, Prof. Dr. Marco Aurelius Ferreira.

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