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August 10th, 2022

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See how was the launch of BRW

On 08/05, at Energy Source's headquarters, the launch of BRW - Battery Repair Center for Electric Cars took place. In this event, a new way of dealing with damaged batteries was presented to the market, which, instead of being discarded without precedent, undergo a thorough analysis carried out by the team of engineers and, with a lot of work and dedication, are repaired, then returned to their owners.

All this operation avoids the unnecessary disposal of a product with high pollution power for the environment, increasing the life time of the part and, still, protecting the nature. With the reduction of new extractions for the creation of another battery, this investment can be reverted to other areas of improvement, in addition to guaranteeing a more sustainable process.

See how this new solution was launched to the market: Assista Aqui

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