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March 09th, 2022

Energy Source´s blog

We opened the Energy Research Institute of Science and Technology

Inauguration of the Energy Research Institute of Science and Technology.

In an increasingly agile, competitive and demanding business world, those who manage to innovate and offer the best solutions stand out. To meet this demand that part of society and companies, the Science and Technology Institutes (ICT) are the best ways, and, for this reason, we are proud to announce that, on Wednesday, 03/09, we inaugurated the ICT Energy Research.

Our ICT is a non-governmental and non-profit project, with the mission of working in the development, research and innovation of all areas.

Watch the video and learn more:

We had the presence, at the event of Leonardo Luvezuti Head of Perfect Flight who will be acting as a partner in this new project

The proposal is to encourage and support the creation of new technologies, which can be used both by Energy Source and in partner companies or companies interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to develop their own technologies, meeting technological trends in a personalized and efficient way, as well as the consumer needs and processes that make everyday life easier.

All work will be carried out jointly with the companies, which will closely monitor the idealization, conception, validation and execution phases, focusing on excellence and end-to-end transparency.

This is Energy Source in search of innovation for the development of sustainable technology.

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