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November 15th, 2021

Energy Source´s blog

Energy Source at COP 26

Energy Source participates in the ONU COP 26: the largest global forum on weather conditions.

Last Wednesday (10), in Brasília (DF), the startup Energy Source, which has been standing out worldwide with the development of sustainable practices for storage and generation of renewable energy, presented its innovative solutions in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation category of COP 26.

In this year's edition of the Confederation of Parties, representatives from several countries debated the causes, contexts and solutions of climate change around the world, highlighted environmental problems and negotiated agreements.

The COP 26 held in the last few days in Glasgow, Scotland in a hybrid way (digital and online) had as its main agenda the concern about the implementation of the Paris Agreement by the participating nations and the consequences if it is not fulfilled.

Energy Source CEO and co-founder David Noronha, the first person from Sanjoan in history to participate in COP 26, introduced the Brazilian company's solutions straight from the panel organized by the Ministry of the Environment and the National Confederation of Industry.

In his presentation, David highlighted the critical climate and energy scenario in which we live today around the world, and the fundamental role that lithium batteries play in this energy matrix transition, towards the single and exclusive use of clean and renewable energies.

See how it went through the video:

Lithium batteries are present in smartphones, tablets, notebooks, card machines, electric cars, scooters, among others. This growing importance and demand on a global scale brings major environmental problems, such as the improper disposal of batteries and the unbridled extraction of natural resources.

It is precisely these global challenges that Energy Source has turned into opportunities, being the first company in the world to create a complete solution for the reuse and recycling of lithium batteries, and becoming a catalyst for sustainable actions that, according to David, are fundamental in these times. current.

Energy's history is developed and written by many people who believe that it is possible to reuse batteries, it is possible to develop sustainable technologies, and the world today seeks this. (…) We are facing a climate crisis, global warming, and the United Nations Conference to discuss this comes at a critical, extremely important moment. The future is now, the decisions that countries and companies need to make are now.

In addition, the CEO also demonstrated the company's satisfaction in being part of an event of global importance in the segment.

Energy being recognized for presenting this solution to the world as a company that manages to solve a global pain, with a technology that allows the circular economy, for us it is a recognition, a joy and an honor (…) it is another one of those special moments. and extremely important to the history of Energy Source, because in some way, it is the recognition of the hard work that we have undertaken and accomplished.

With exclusive algorithms and technologies, and a 100% CO2-free recycling process with 97% efficiency, the company has strategic partnerships with major market leaders such as BMW, Audi, Renault, Toyota and WEG, and the support of major universities such as UNESP, IFSP and UEM in the research and development sector.

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