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Dezember 25th, 2022

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Aldo Solar and Energy Source acord

International Agreement enables the largest volume of sustainable batteries for Brazilian storage of clean and renewable energy

This Thursday afternoon (12/02), companies Energy Source, Aldo Solar and Japanese Itochu Corporation gathered at Aldo Solar's headquarters, in the city of Maringá (PR), to validate what, until then, is the largest international commercial partnership to enable the arrival of sustainable batteries for the storage of clean and renewable energy in Latin America.

The negotiated conditions provide for the initial availability of approximately 1.2 MWh of second life batteries in the Brazilian market, reaching up to 1 MWh of supply per month throughout 2022.

Second life batteries are the result of reverse logistics for electric vehicles established in the Asian market by Itochu, linked to the technology and know-how of selection and use of batteries applied to the second life of the companies Itochu and Energy Source.

The second life batteries will be distributed by Aldo Solar, impacting several segments of stationary energy storage applications, mainly the solar energy market.

The Japanese Itochu is the sixth largest company in the Asian country, operating in numerous sectors, such as the storage of clean and renewable energy. In 2020, the company earned more than $97 billion. Aldo Solar, which has partnered with Energy Source since 2019 to sell second-life batteries, is the largest solar energy distributor in Brazil, and recently reached the milestone of 200,000 solar energy generator kits delivered to the Brazilian market.

Located in the interior of São Paulo, Energy Source is the first company in the world to have a complete solution for lithium batteries, through the circular economy with reuse and recycling, and has been growing exponentially in recent years, establishing partnerships with market leaders. as BMW Group Brasil, Audi, Renault, WEG etc.

With the growing need for decarbonization and storage of clean and renewable energy generation across the planet, the green energy market is an ever-expanding reality, and lithium batteries are the key to this new sustainable future under construction.

By the year 2020, there are already more than 17 billion electronic devices, 8 million electric vehicles in use and 28 GWh of battery energy storage installed across the planet. The global energy storage market is expected to hit the 56 GWh mark by the end of 2021, with a 17-fold growth forecast by 2030.

The reverse logistics and clean and renewable energy agreement between the three companies is a necessary reality in the environmental scenario in which we live, and is another important step in building a sustainable future.

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